Messages to John Leary in Rochester NY, USA


Thursday, June 13, 2024

Messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ of May 29 to June 4, 2024


Wednesday, May 29, 2024: (Funeral Mass for Mary Ellen DiMuro)

Jesus said: “My people, funerals give you a chance to say good-bye to the deceased, as Mary Ellen was a former member of Holy Name Church. This life is temporary, so do not cling too tightly to it here because you will have a much happier time with Me in heaven. While you live your life on earth, you need to show your love for everyone. It is how you love Me and love your neighbor that will be used in your judgment. So appreciate all of My creation while you are alive, but remember, the best is yet to come after this life.”

Jesus said: “My son, I know you are being tested with several trials all at once. I have given you more gifts than you need to accomplish your work, so calm yourself down the best you can. Some things are changing in your life that you had no control over them. Certain things need to be replaced when they stop working, and this should be easy for you. Keep love in your heart no matter what problems you may face. Keep Me close to you in everything you do.”

Thursday, May 30, 2024:

(Mk 10:46-52) Jesus said: “My people, when you have faith that I can heal you, you will see My healing can take place. Bartimeus begged Me to take pity on him, so I prayed over his blindness to heal him. My people have needs in this life, but you need My Light to open your eyes of faith. It is your spiritual life that is more important for your eternal destination with Me, than this life. You will face many trials in your human life, but you know I have come to save those people who love Me. No matter how difficult this life is to bear, keep your focus on Me, and trust that I will heal you and answer your problems. I do not leave you orphans, but I watch over every soul. Some people reject Me and they may choose the wrong path to hell, but it is by their own free will. I call out to all souls to come to Me and I will lead you on the right path to heaven because you love Me and have faith in Me. I am very compassionate and I will help those people who call on Me. I love all of you, and I do not want to lose one soul. So reach out to Me in love and love your neighbor. Even help souls to love Me so they can be with Me in heaven.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, today’s guilty verdict on your former President is a show trial to demonstrate how the Democrats will reach for any means to put him in jail. The prosecution used unethical means to favor the prosecutor and prevent a fair defense. Many people are appalled at such a fixed trial with jurors who disliked your former President. There will be an appeal that will be seen later. Pray that people will change your current court system that is being weaponized by the Democrats.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have faith in My healing you, and you will get better. You have learned how frail your bodies are with the least sickness that can control your health. You see the value of praying for good health that you sometimes take for granted. So everyone needs to pray for good health every day because sickness can take over at any time. Trust in Me to keep you healthy so you can carry on your missions.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have received many messages on My luminous cross that will be in the sky over all of My refuges during the tribulation. This cross will heal all of My faithful who look on it and have faith in My healing power. My son, you visited a date plantation in Thermal, California where there is a cross that can be seen at night without a light. I promised you that I would place such a healing luminous cross in the sky over all of My refuges during the tribulation. So look upon it and you will be healed of all of your ailments.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read of My many miracles of healing the blind, those with demons, and I even raised some people from the dead. I healed the paralytic, lepers, and many other illnesses. If I can heal the people in the Gospels, I can help people today with their illnesses. The main means that I was able to heal people, is when the sick had faith that I could heal them. Many people can be healed, but some have been given trials so others can be helped by the suffering of the sick. So if you are sick, you can offer up your suffering for poor sinners and the souls in purgatory. So do not waste your pain, but let it have redemptive power to help souls.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are temporary health problems that do not last, and there are more permanent health problems that need constant care. Some people cannot walk, and some have cancer or other disabling diseases. These people are suffering constantly, so they need your prayers to comfort them by any means of relief. You can visit the sick as an act of mercy, and you can help people as you helped your father in going to dialysis.”

Jesus said: “My people, some of you have worked in hospices, or you have visited dying people in a hospice. These people in hospices have only a short time until their death, which may be from cancer or other deadly diseases. If it is possible, try to bring them the sacraments, especially a priest for the sacrament of the sick. Even Confession could help save some souls from hell at the last moment. I love all souls, and I need My faithful as My arms and legs to help save as many souls as possible.”

Jesus said: “My people, I love all of you so much, and I reach out to save as many souls as I can. You do not know when or how you will die, but you need to have your souls ready and purified from sin in frequent Confession so you are ready to die every day. You want to be with Me in heaven, so keep close to Me every day so you are protected from the evil one. You could wear My Blessed Mother’s brown scapular where there is a promise that you will be in heaven for those people who wear this in faith. My Blessed Mother and I are waiting for you in heaven when you pass from this life. So be ready to greet us in love at your death, and you will enjoy eternal life in the love and peace of heaven.”

Friday, May 31, 2024: (Funeral Mass for John Hauber)

Jesus said: “My people, this was a beautiful Mass for John with some nice singing of hymns by the cantor. John will soon be in heaven with a few more Masses. John was sorry he had to leave his loving family, but he loves all of you, and he will be praying for you. It was a nice touch to give out cards of My Divine Mercy Chaplet. This is the prayer you can pray for all deceased souls. All of the family needs to stay close to Me on your path to heaven. I love every soul and I am asking you to love Me as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are well aware of how Biden and the Democrats are destroying your country and taking away your freedoms. The evil elite people worship Satan and they are carrying out the devil’s plans. The goal of these evil elites is to take over your country and make it a part of the North American Union of America, Canada, and Mexico. The evil ones do not want Trump to win because it would greatly delay their plans. So do not be surprised if these evil ones stop the coming election so they can continue their preparation for the Antichrist’s world takeover.”

(Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Our Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, how I love all of you so much and I thank you, My son, for honoring me this whole month of May and now at my Visitation. I am sending your intentions to have good health to my Son, Jesus. He always listens to His mother. Keep trusting in my Son to heal both you and your wife. Keep close to me and my Son, Jesus in your daily Mass, your rosaries, your Adoration, and your Stations of the Cross. You are very faithful to your prayers and making us a daily part of your life.”

Saturday, June 1, 2024; (St. Justin, First Saturday)

Jesus said: “My people, I love all of you so much and this vision is showing you how important it is to listen to My words in the Scriptures. These words of Mine are your spiritual treasure that you need to hold close to your heart. Take My words on faith that I will help heal all of your ailments in My time. I told you that I will make you better, so believe and listen to My promises. This life is a place to learn how to love Me and your neighbor as yourself. No matter what difficulties you will encounter in your human life, trust in Me to help you on your path to heaven. This life is passing away, but those people, who are faithful to Me, will enjoy the eternal life in heaven that I have promised you. Your joy in heaven will know no end.”

Sunday,June 2, 2024:(MostHoly Body&Blood of Jesus,Corpus Christi)

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you My very Body and Blood at every Mass when you receive Holy Communion. When the priest consecrates the host and wine, they are transubstantiated into My Body and My Blood. My Eucharistic gift enables Me to be with you all of the time in My tabernacle, and in the monstrance at Adoration. I thank all of My faithful who visit Me in Adoration hours. My Blessed Sacrament is powerful in helping you spiritually and physically. You also have seen Eucharistic miracles when blood appears on the consecrated Host. You have visited Lanciano, Italy and Los Teques, Venezuela where such Eucharistic miracles have appeared. These miracles were given for those people who do not believe that My Real Presence is in each consecrated Host.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing how Biden and the Democrats are destroying your country. Your open borders are a flagrant violation of your border laws, and Biden is allowing the drug cartels to control your border. You see fentanyl being shipped in from China that is killing your young people. Biden’s overspending has caused deficits and high inflated prices. Biden’s weakness has precipitated wars in Israel and the Ukraine. Biden’s recent statement that the Ukraine can use America’s weapons to attack Russia has infuriated Putin that could cause a wider war, or an attack on your country. My people need to be ready to leave for My refuges when I bring My Warning and My inner locution. You could see more serious war signals as Russia could decide to attack European countries. Pray for a stoppage to these wars that could get out of control.”

Monday, June 3, 2024: (St. Charles Lwanga & companions)

Jesus said: “My son, you all have been waiting patiently for My Illumination of Conscience or the ‘Warning’. You were traveling fast through a long tunnel until you came in front of Me for your mini-judgment. You have stored up graces in heaven for your good deeds and prayers. Everyone has to suffer through your human condition. This means you will have to endure pain or health problems during your life on earth. Once you have your judgment, you will experience your destination. You will be told about being protected from the evil ones by coming to My refuges. You will be warned not to take the mark of the beast, and not to worship the Antichrist. I will call My faithful to My refuges with My inner locution. Have no fear because My angels will protect you.”

Jesus said: “My son, I told you that you would get better from your bronchitis. You have had difficulty coughing and sleeping on your stomach to stop coughing. Have patience and the last remnants of your cough will go away. Keep praying every day for your health and the health of all of your family. You are hearing some signs that events could be accelerating. So keep close to Me in prayer and be ready when I will call people to My refuges.”

Tuesday, June 4, 2024:

Jesus said: “My people, the Pharisees desire for total control is very similar to the Democrats who want total control as well. Biden and the Democrats are trying to use the illegal immigrants as votes to win elections. Their means are against your laws and your Constitution, which they are totally disregarding. Their lies and deceptions show the hypocrisy in their actions. They say one thing to cover up the evil things they are doing. The Democrats are weaponizing their control over the law so they can persecute and control their opposition. You have a weak leader in Biden, and other countries will try to take advantage of this weakness before your election. If a worse war comes, you will be called to the safety of My refuges where My angels will protect you. I love My people, but you will need to do the prudent preparation for all of the coming events.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some reports that Russia is taking more land because they are receiving weapons from China and Iran. Your weapons have helped the Ukraine, but it is hard to know how effective they have been because there is little accounting of where your weapons were delivered. If Russia takes over the Ukraine, they will then move into other countries that Russia once held. Such a spread of Russia’s war could lead to World War III. Pray that such an expansion of war does not happen. Have no fear of these wars because I will protect My faithful.”

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