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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Apparition and Message of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace - 152nd Anniversary of the Pontmain Apparitions

Lift Your Eyes to the Star of Hope, Which Is Me, the Heavenly Mother, If You Do Not Want to Collapse under the Weight of the Great Tribulations







(Blessed Mary): "My children, today as you commemorate and celebrate the Anniversary of My Apparition at Pontmain, I come from Heaven again to tell you:

Lift your eyes to the Star of Hope, which is Me, the Heavenly Mother, if you do not want to collapse under the weight of the great tribulations of these end times in which you are living.

Lift your eyes to the Star of Hope, so that you may have the strength to walk towards Heaven and holiness every day of your lives.

Lift your eyes to the Star of Hope so that you will not be crushed by the weight of the tribulations and trials that are to increase, for this is the final phase of My struggle against the infernal dragon, which will culminate in My final victory over the adversary, Satan, where I will annihilate him and his kingdom of darkness forever.

Raise your eyes to the Star of Hope, taking your eyes off the world and creatures, fixing them only on Me. So that you will not be seduced and deceived by either the world or the creatures, who at every moment strive and fight to take you away from My son and Me, and lead you down the path of pleasures, of sin to eternal damnation.

Lift your eyes to the Star of Hope and take your eyes off yourselves, off your own will. Only when a large number of souls forget themselves, their own personal will, and dedicate their lives to pray not only for the salvation of the world, but also for the salvation of this country. Which is now descending into a very deep abyss, from which it will not come out again unless there are a great number of generous souls, victims, pure souls, who dedicate their lives to pray for the resurrection, for the salvation of this nation.

If this does not happen, this Nation will be lost, as well as all the others on Earth. So, take your eyes off yourselves, and put them on the Star of Hope, which is Me. Living, obeying My messages promptly and completely, so that then, all humanity can be saved.

Lift your eyes to the Star of Hope, and take your eyes off the world, so that then, My children, you will not lose your peace. But first, you: Pray, pray, pray! As I made My children of Pontmain pray, taking their eyes off the war, off the news of the war, and putting them on Me and on prayer. This gave them victory, this will also give you victory now in this last war.

Convert, obey My messages, make My Pontmain message better known to all My children. For the more this happens, the more souls will be saved, the more Satan will be neutralized, blinded, paralyzed and crushed, and the sooner My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Here is My second and new Pontmain, where I appeared in the Heaven of this Nation shrouded in darkness, in the Heaven of this entire generation shrouded by the darkness of evil and sin. Like that dark night in which I appeared in Pontmain filled with war, rumors of war, turmoil and distress.

I appeared here, as I did in Pontmain to call all My children to prayer, which is the only thing that can worth, save and help them in this world. The more My message is known and practiced, the sooner peace will come, the wars will end as in Pontmain. And then, a new time of harmony and peace will shine for the world.

My little son Marcos, tell everyone to pray the Rosary every day!

To you, who have made My Message of Pontmain known and loved by so many of My children, I now thank you with all My Heart, and I say to you: As many souls as have known and will know My Message of Pontmain, thanks to the film you made of My Apparition, as many will be the crowns and robes of glory that I will give you in Heaven.

There you will also have a starry garment like mine, because the son who loves and is similar to the Mother on Earth, should be similar to Her in Heaven. And the son who has spread so much, propagated, made known, loved, listened to and obeyed. The Mother clothed in stars, will also be clothed in stars with Her in Heaven, where He will triumph with the Mother forever.

I bless you My most ardent apostle of Pontmain, My ray of light, generously now, and all My beloved children: of Pontmain, of Lourdes and of Jacareí.

Sing for Me the Hail Mary that you like the most and that moves My Heart so much. I will gladly listen to your voice.

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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