Prayers from Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch

Prayers for the End Times transmitted together with the Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch

Healing Prayer Through the Intercession of Friar Pio of Pietrelcina

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, July 21, 2021

Brothers in Christ, ask for my humble intercession when you feel attacked by the enemy of your soul; for by the grace and mercy of God, I am also spiritually in this world in your midst. Come to me, my brothers, when you feel sick in body or soul; my humble intercession is heard by the good God, who never disregards the supplications I make in favor of all my devotees.

When you feel sick in body or soul, say:

Eternal Father, through the intercession of Your Beloved Servant, Friar Pio of Pietrelcina, I humbly ask You to grant me the grace to free me from every spirit of darkness that is disturbing my soul and my peace; from every spirit of sickness that is afflicting my body, especially this sickness: .............................

O Father of Mercy, I ask this through the merits of the holy stigmata of the Passion of Your Son, which Your Servant Friar Pio of Pietrelcina saintly bore during his life. May everything be for Your Glory. Amen

Pray: Apostle's Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

This prayer that I give you my beloved brothers, will be of great spiritual help to you in this time of tribulation that you are already living; pray it with faith, and in the grace of God when you feel sick in body or soul; I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Prayer of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus, May 7, 2021, Colombia!

I want My Beloved Colombia, that in the month of June dedicated to honor My Sacred Heart, the entire Colombian Nation consecrate herself to Me, day and night; that your government renew the consecration of My Colombia to My Loving Heart; asking for the cessation of violence, for Peace and protection of My Beloved Nation. I give you this prayer of consecration to My Sacred Heart so that you may pray it day and night.

O Most Beloved Heart of Jesus, I come before YOU, with the burden of my sins, to beg and implore YOU to have compassion and mercy on me, on my family, on Colombia (or your country) and on the whole world. I voluntarily consecrate myself to YOUR Most Beloved Heart and I voluntarily consecrate to YOU my family, my nation and all the nations of the earth. Protect us O Beloved Heart of Jesus and protect my nation and the whole world from the attacks, traps and snares of the evil one and his agents of evil. Sacred Heart of Jesus in YOU I trust. Amen.

Prayer to deliver to the heavenly Father the Souls of the unborn and aborted Babies

Mary, April 24, 2021

Little children, the unborn and aborted, unbaptized babies go to a place in eternity called Limbo; I need you faithful little children to help me to take these innocents out of this place. Do prayer, fasting and penance for them, give them to the Heavenly Father, especially at the moment of elevation at Holy Mass; and I, your Mother, in the company of the Angels, will come down for them to this place and take them to Eternal Glory. The Holy Rosary of the Mercy of my Son, my Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries and all the works of charity that you offer to the Father for these innocents, serve to take them to Heaven. All unborn and aborted babies must be baptized in the baptism of desire with the right to Heaven. I give you my faithful little children this prayer for the unborn and aborted babies, so that you may baptize them and deliver them into my arms to take them together with the Angels to the presence of the Heavenly Father.

O Father of Infinite Goodness and Mercy, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, your Daughter and our Mother; we give you the souls of all the unborn and aborted babies in this world. We ask your forgiveness especially for those fathers and mothers who acted so unjustly in consenting to and aborting your creatures. We bless all unborn and aborted babies; we baptize them in the baptism of desire with the right to heaven. The unborn and aborted boys, we baptize them Beloved Father, with the Name of your Son Jesus, and the girls with the Name of Mary. In the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Receive, O Father, the souls of these creatures and lead them to Eternal Glory; we ask this in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who with you lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit, and is God forever and ever. Amen

Prayer of Protection against all Evil and Danger

(Dictated by the Virgen of Carmel for all its faithful and devotees)

Little ones, always carry with you my Scapular, hanging on your neck, because it is a powerful Armor of protection against the evil and the forces of evil. My blessed and exorcised Scapular is terror to demons; no soul will be condemned, no matter how great their sins, if they carry my scapular with them at the time of death. The protection of my Scapular will protect you in this world and in eternity, it will free you from eternal death; always take it with you and when you feel in danger say: "O Virgin of Carmel, may the power of your Holy Scapular take away from me the enemy of my soul; bless me Mother of Carmel and deliver me from all evil and danger in this world. I ask you, O Mother, that in the hour of my death, your Holy Scapular free me from the fury of the devil and in the eternity of eternal fire, Amen". My children, ask for my Holy Intercession in this my dedication to Carmel, so that you may be protected in this world from all calamity, disease, viruses, pandemics, evils and dangers; and in the eternity of hellfire. In this my dedication to Carmel, I protect all my devotees from condemnation. I offer you children, this prayer of protection, that you may do it in faith and be freed from all evil and danger.

Oh, Most Holy Virgin of Mount Carmel, may the protection of your Holy Scapular free me from all evil, danger, viruses, plagues, disease, and the lurking of the evil one. I come to you, oh sweetest Mother and I implore your Holy Protection, through your Scapular for me, my family and the whole world. May the power of your Scapular take away from us the enemy of the soul and humanity, from evil and sin. We consecrate ourselves and we consecrate the entire world to your Holy protection, dear mother. Oh, Virgen of Carmel; deliver us, save us, protect us and protect humanity from being lost forever. Holy Scapular of Our Mother of Carmel, protect us from all evil and danger; save us from viruses, pests, pandemics, calamities, disasters and prolonged illness. In the hour of death your protection will accompany us and free us from dying eternally. Virgin of Carmel, pray for us sinner, now and at the hour of our death. Amen

(Pray Hail Mary and Glory)

Prayer of Consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

(Morning and Night)

Beloved People, always carry with you the Marian Banner of Our Two Hearts hanging on your neck, because it is a powerful Armor of Protection for spiritual combat and for the days of great tribulation that are coming. Make it blessed and exorcised, and when you feel attacked by the evil one, say thus: "Hearts of Jesus and Mary, come to my aid and be the salvation of my soul, deliver me from all evil and prey on the evil one." Amen

We give you this prayer of consecration to Our Two Hearts, so that you may do it morning and night; extend it to your children, family and the whole world.

Oh, Hearts of Jesus and Mary; I consecrate myself, I consecrate my family and the whole world, to your Loving Hearts. Pay attention to the plea I make to you and accept our hearts in Yours, so that we and the whole world may be delivered and protected from all evil and all sin. May the protection of Your Two Hearts, be refuge, strength and protection, in the spiritual struggles of each day. May the power of Your Two Hearts radiate to the world so that it is protected from evil and sin. We consecrate ourselves voluntarily and we consecrate the whole of humanity to Your Hearts; with trust and confidence by Your Great Mercy, to obtain victory over the forces of evil in this world, and Eternal Glory in the Kingdom of God. Amen

We are your Refuge and Shelter, the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Marian Banner of Our Two Hearts

Powerful Prayer to receive healing from San Rafael Archangel

(Medicine for Healing of the People of God)

Brothers, these are times of darkness and the emissaries of evil are making you sick with viruses and pandemics, created by them. The attack against the People of God has already begun; so do not hesitate to call me, you are going to need Me, so that by the Mercy of God you can cure your illnesses. I give you this powerful prayer so that you can do it in faith and invoke me. Ask the Father God that through my humble Intercession, grant you the healing of the body or soul that you are needing. Do not forget that I am Medicine of God and I am at your service.

Blessed Archangel Raphael, "Medicine of God", come to my aid in the company of the Archangels and Medical Angels of Heaven, because I feel sick in my body and soul. I come to You, powerful Celestial Physician, so that if it is the Will of God and through your Holy Intercession, you grant me the healing that my body needs and the protection that my soul needs. Oh, Blessed Archangel Raphael, who guided and protected Tobias and healed Tobit's blindness, come attend me and give me the Medicine from Heaven, to heal my spiritual blindness and the disease that afflicts my body. Glorious Archangel Raphael, come to my aid and bring me the Medicine from Heaven that heals my physical and spiritual illness. May everything be for the Glory of God. Amen

Pray Creed and Our Father

Rosary of Provision

(For times of scarcity and famine)

My beloved people, My Rosary of Mercy, together with the Rosary of Provision, will be of great help to you in the times of scarcity and famine that are approaching. Do them in faith, and ask for My provision, and heaven will send you the Manna for each day. Again I say unto you, do not fear. I am your Refuge, Livelihood, Shelter, and above all, I am your God. Come to Me, all of you who are tired and weary, so that I can relieve you. (Matthew 11, 28)

O infinite Mercy of God, who you care for the people of good will, the needy, the widows and orphans and meet their material and spiritual needs, open the pantries of heaven and in the Name of the Father, (blessing) in the Name of the Son, (blessing) and in the Name of the Holy Spirit, (blessing) send me the provision I need to fulfill My needs for this day. (make request). Creed and Our Father.

On the large beads: I can have grace and mercy even in times of need. (Hebrews 4:16)

On the small beads: In the Name of the Triune God, Divine Mercy, provide me. 10 times

At the end of each decade, an Our Father is prayed and you start as at the beginning. O infinite Mercy of God ...... and so on until the end of the five decades. At the end of the rosary, pray Psalm 136. Everyone who does this Rosary with faith and devotion will not lack daily bread. It is the promise of Jesus of Mercy.

Introduction to the Holy Rosary

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Psalm 136 (DRV)

Psalm 136 (RSV)

Prayer of Intercession through St. Joseph

I am your Father Joseph and I am in your midst , I have been sent to accompany you and to assist you in the spiritual battles you have in this world . Seek my humble intercession to the Good God and call me by saying:

"O Glorious Patriarch St . Joseph, Step Father of Jesus and Humble and Chaste Bride of Mary. Powerful interessor of souls and faithful guardian of the Church , we turn to you, dear Father , so that you come to protect and rescue us in the spiritual struggle against the enemies of our souls. Come to our aid and for your humility and purity, deliver us from all evil St Joseph, terror of the demons, come to my aid." (3 times)

Prayer to Saint Joseph, asking for his protection

Little ones , I give you this prayer of protection so that you may pray it in faith and be strengthened in temptation, so that you can defeat the enemy of your soul.

"O Glorious Saint Joseph! For your deep humility, for your unalterable meekness, for your invincible patience, for your angelic purity and for your perfect fidelity that made you punctual imitator of the virtues of Jesus and of Mary, I ask you to console me in all my sorrows, to lead me in all my doubts, to defend me in all temptations, to deliver me from all spiritual and material dangers. Extend your arm against all my visible and invisible enemies, by breaking and disrupring all the bonds and the ambushes they lay down and put against me. Amen."

Prayer to the Sword of Saint Michael the Archangel

After the prayer of the Holy Rosary, pray my Exorcism and the ardent supplication to the Angels, for these are powerful Armors to fight the demons and make them flee in disbandment. Remember that you are already in a spiritual battle and that you cannot lower the guard of your prayer, because the demons roam loose through the world, looking for a way to steal your peace and your soul from you. I give you brothers, as a present, this prayer to my Sword that you will do morning and night so you remain protected from all the stalking and the incendiary darts of the evil one.

"O Glorious Sword given to Michael the Archangel, by the Eternal Father, of the celestial realm!

Glorious Sword: fight all spirit of ruin in our families, in our minds and in our hearts.

Glorious Sword of St. Michael the Archangel, place this victorious sign on my right hand to give the final victory and to be able to overcome all of the destructive spirit that wants to lead me away from the Sanctifying Grace.

Come Glorious Sword of St. Michael, Flash with a ray of the Holy Spirit, so that we can see the face of our Heavenly Beloved Father and be worthy of the promises of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen"

Blessing of Jesus of the Holy Sacrament

I give you this prayer so that you can say it every time you visit me in My Tabernacle.

"Oh my Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I come before You, seeking consolation and hoping to solve this need that I have ... (state the need)

Where am I to go, Lord ? You have the words of everlasting life. You are my Physician, my Defender, my Friend, my Father, my Sustenance and above all, you are my God. Here I am prostrate at your feet; if you want to, you can heal me. I need you, my Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, attend to my request and give my request a prompt solution.

Oh, blessing of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament: cover me, free me, heal me and strengthen my faith, so that I always walk with You. May Your Holy Blessing, oh my beloved Jesus, always remain in me and in mine.

May Your Holy Blessing be my strength, my peace and my trust; May Your Blessing, oh my Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, be extended also to my family and loved ones, so that we may all be one with You. And thus protected by Your Blessing, no force of evil can do us harm.

Blessed is he who asks for Your Blessing and keeps it as a treasure, because he will be protected from the evils of this world, he will wipe out his sins and on the day of his departure, he will attain the joy of eternal life.

Bless me, oh Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, with the Blessing that comes from the Father † the Son † and the Holy Spirit † Amen.

I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)"

I, your Mother, will be the Bridge that will make you communicate with My Son

My children, in the times of the great abomination, I will be the Sacred Place where you will find My Son. Your praying of My Holy Rosary will open the door of My Tabernacle, so that you adore Him. I am the Living Tabernacle, come to Me, My little ones and after the prayer of My Holy Rosary, make the Spiritual Communion and say as follows:

Holy Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother, Living Tabernacle of the One and Triune God. Give us to your Son Jesus, the Blessed Fruit and pray for us so sinners.

The Angels of the Eucharist will come down from Heaven and spiritually give you Communion, so that you will be strengthened in the Spirit and able to cope with those days of affliction.

Know then children of Mine that Heaven will not abandon you. I, your Mother, wil be the Bridge that will make you communicate with My Son; I will open the Tabernacle of My womb, so that there you will spiritually worship Him. My presence in those days will be more noticeable, I will let Myself be seen by many of My children, so that your faith will be strengthened and thus united we will begin the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart. May the Peace of My Lord remain in you, My beloved little children. Your Mother loves you, Mary of Fatima.

Spiritual Communion

Prayer of Interior Healing, to Heal Traumas of Childhood Caused by Sexual Abuse

OH Mary Help of Christians, in your Heart my Beloved Mother, I place my tormented heart. Give me the Grace, My Mother, to forgive those who hurt me in my childhood adolescence and youth. (Names of people to forgive) Deliver me from myself and help me forgive myself, so that I may receive the Grace of your Inner Healing. Amen.

Prayer of Consecration to the Virgin

Oh my Lady! Oh my Mother! I offer myself entirely to You. And in proof of my filial affection, I consecrate to thee on this day, my eyes, my ears, my tongue, my heart; in a word my whole being. Since I am all yours Oh Mother of goodness, keep me and defend me as your belonging and possession. Amen.

Mary's Miraculous Medal: Terror of demons

My Miraculous Medal is the terror of demons; when you feel attacked by the evil one, say my short prayer "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee", and the power of my Medal will keep the demons away and will not allow the evil one's incendiary darts to harm you. During the times of the great tribulation, you must have my Miraculous Medal because my Father has bestowed upon great power to heal from many diseases, plagues and viruses, all those that carry it with faith. My Miraculous Medal will get rid from you of many evils, plagues and incurable diseases, in those days of spiritual combat.

Consecrate yourself to my Miraculous Medal and say my short prayer: "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee" after every mystery of my Holy Rosary and I assure you that you will obtain from this Mother: protection, healing and deliverance.

Miraculous Medal

Keep your Spiritual Armor ready and oiled with Prayer

My children, keep your Spiritual Armor ready and oiled with prayer, put it on morning and night and reinforced It with Psalm 91. Remember that you cannot enter into battle without your Armor, because in doing so, you will be easy prey of my adversary and his hosts of evil.

Before entering the combat, ask for the protection of Our Two Hearts and say:

Hearts of Jesus and of Mary, assist us in the spiritual combat of this day; we take refuge in your Hearts; give us the power to defeat the enemy of our soul and its hosts of evil.

Invoke as well Our Beloved Michael and pray His exorcism, given to Pope Leo XIII. Pray with the Rosary of My Mother and (the Rosary) of My Precious Blood and consecrate yourselves to It, every day morning and night. The power of my Glorious Blood will keep you steady and keep you away from the spiritual demons and incarnate ones.

Ask for the assistance of the Souls of Purgatory, of your Guardian Angel and Guardian Angels; as well as the assistance of the Archangels and Angels of the Celestial Militia (Army), and of the Blessed Souls, especially those who in this world were exorcists. My Apostles must also be invoked in those days, for you to be well protected so that nothing and no one can harm you.

Keep well present in your mind my Beloved Benedict and His exorcism,  Antonio of Padua and His exorcism, Ignatius of Loyola, Patrick of Ireland, with His prayer of the Breastplate, Father Pio of Pietrelcina, My John Paul II, and in general all my Beloved Ones who in this world fought against Satan and his demons. Also, do not forget the Invocation to My Holy Angels and the Prayer of the Shield of My Redemptive Blood that I sent you through My Enoch. All these ones are your help and spiritual weapons, with which you will defeat My adversary and his legions of evil.

Exorcism of St. Michael by Pope Leo XIII

Angelus Prayer

St. Benedict Medal with Exorcism

St. Antonio of Padua

St. Ignatius of Loyola

St. Patrick of Ireland

St. Padre Pio

Psalm 91 (DRV)

Psalm 91 (RSV)

Start then my Warriors to use them from now on, so that when those days come you are already strengthened and you can face without fear the armies of My adversary. Do not be afraid, stand firm in faith and united in love, if you comply with our instructions and put them into practice, I assure you that no force of evil can harm you.

The Power of the Glorious Blood - The Terror of demons

The Power of the sorrowful mysteries of my Mother's Rosary, together with the power of the Rosary of my Precious Blood, keep the demons away from your homes and families. My Glorious Blood is terror of the demons and strength of My faithful People. In these days of spiritual battle, my children should pray with the Rosary of My Precious Blood morning and night, so that you may remain victorious over the forces of evil; remember that you cannot relax with prayer, because my adversary is more active in these times, seeking desperate souls to make them lost. Bless and exorcise also a medal of my Precious Blood and carry it hanging around your neck, so that it may serve as protection in the spiritual battle of each day.

My children, no demon, no matter how strong he may be, can touch those who pray and carry the protection of My Glorious Blood. Hell trembles when you pray with My Precious Blood. Satan and his demons know that they will be defeated by the Army of My Adorers of My Precious Blood; that is why he seeks, by all means, to end My devotion, because he knows that the Power of My Glorious Blood is his defeat.

Every Gethsemane that is made on earth shakes the kingdom of darkness, the demons are tortured and scourged by My faithful ones every time they pray with the Sorrowful Mysteries of my Mother's Rosary and the Mysteries of the Rosary of My Precious Blood. Hell fears this Devotion, because it knows that its defeat is assured.

My children, faithful of my Most Precious Blood, multiply my Devotion for the whole world, that there is no corner of the Earth where My Precious Blood is not prayed with. I ask you to form small groups with My Devotion in each nation, so that the Power of my Blood will multiply and give strength; and just as the mustard seed, it will grow and have abundant fruit. The Power of My Glorious Blood will destroy the plans of the Antichrist and his instruments of evil at the time of his last reign. My adversary will not be able to do what he wants and extend his dominions, because there will be the Adorers of My Precious Blood, who will prevent it.

Urgent Appeal to all the Faithful of My Precious Blood

I make an urgent appeal to all the faithful of My Precious Blood that they may unite in prayer, because days of strong attacks against my Devotion are coming! Go forward My Warriors, not a step back! Fear not, my Glorious Blood protects you. Lift up the standard of My martyrs, given to my Servant Enoch and the banner of the Agonizing Christ; I want these to be the emblems of My Devotion. Therefore, pray and be vigilant and say in union:

"May the Precious Blood that springs from the Sacred Head of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Temple of Divine Wisdom, Tabernacle of Divine Knowledge and Sunshine of Heaven and Earth, cover and protect us now and forever! Amen."

"Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world!"

Your Redeemer and Savior, the Agonizing Jesus Christ

Prayer of Consecration to Saint Michael and the Heavenly Militia for Spiritual Combat

So, take heed of our instructions and be ready and prepared because the spiritual combat in your world is about to begin. I give you this prayer of consecration to me, and to the Heavenly Militia, for you to say every time you go into spiritual combat.

"Glorious Prince of the Heavenly Armies, St. Michael the Archangel, I consecrate myself and I consecrate my family, relatives, neighbors and friends to you, my beloved archangel, and to the Heavenly Militia. In this way, on this day and every day while we live beneath the sun, we are protected and sheltered by your Heavenly person and by the Heavenly Militia.

All that we are, have and do, we consecrate to you and we ask for your assistance and protection day and night, so that no force of evil can cause us to lose.

We entrust to you the care of our physical, psychic, biological and spiritual being, especially our soul. Heavenly militia, may your assistance and protection deliver us from all evil and danger. Help us brothers to remain firm in faith, so that not one of the children of God be lost.

Oh, blessed Saint Michael, protect us from the attacks and snares of the evil spirits because you know full well that we are poor mortals, fragile and weak, in need of the Mercy of God and of your protection to fulfill the mission that Heaven has commissioned to us. Oh, Saint Michael, may your victorious cry: “who is like God? no one is like God”, suppress and cast into Hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the destruction of souls. Amen"

Intercessory Prayer of Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament

Father, I do not ask you to take them out of the world, but to keep them from evil. I ask you to protect them and guide them, so that the purification that comes upon them strengthens them in the faith, and so that they offer to you their sufferings, sorrows and necessities as a daily offering so that your Holy Name may be glorified. Thank you, Father, for I know that you are listening to me and being one with you, your Son will also be glorified and glorify you. May your Holy Will be fulfilled in heaven and on earth, and in each one of them so that we may all be one family tomorrow for the Glory and Honor of God. Amen

Pray to Your Guardian Angel so That He Will Accompany You Day and Night, Because You Are Going to Need His Protection and Assistance in the Days Ahead!

Brothers, pray to your guardian angel, so that he is with you day and night because you are going to need his protection and assistance in the days ahead. There are many guardian angels who are feeling sad because many do not take them into account; remember that we respect your free will, but if you invoke us and ask the Father for our protection, we'll willingly come to serve you. Pray the prayer of the Guardian Angel morning and night, so that you have their protection and assistance. We Guardian Angels are your friends who watch and intercede for each of you. Do not forget us; remember that we are your protectors and guardians and we care for each one of you. Our mission is to protect you and lead you down the path that leads to God's Kingdom.

"Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom His love entrusts me here, ever this day [ever this night] be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen."

Every Time You Engage in Spiritual Warfare, Call on My Mother by Praying the Angelus and Call on Michael with the Combat Prayer Given to Pope Leo XIII!

Every time you go into spiritual warfare, call on my mother by praying the Angelus and call upon Michael with the combat prayer given to Pope Leo XIII. The power of the Angelus drives demons away and the power of the combat prayer to our Beloved Michael, is powerful armor of protection. These two prayers you must learn by heart and particularly pray them each time you go into spiritual battle.

My adoptive father Joseph also expects that you remember him and call him with this aspiration that drives away demons and says: Saint Joseph terror of demons, come to my assistance. His rosary, along with my Mother’s rosary, and the rosary to Michael, snatch many souls from my adversary. Forget not to also pray the Chaplet to my Angels and invoke Gabriel and Rafael, your Guardian Angel, Custodian Angels, and Blessed Souls. Do not disregard all the help Heaven provides you, for you to remain victorious every day and hence, be able to overcome every power of evil.

Angelus Prayer

Exorcism of St. Michael by Pope Leo XIII

Prayer and Exorcism given to Pope Leo XIII

After my Rosary, you ought to pray the prayer of combat of our Prince and his exorcism, given to Pope Leo XIII, asking for the collapse of the plans of my adversary and his hosts of evil. Do not forget that he is about to reveal himself to mankind and his appearance will bring much suffering.

Exorcism of St. Michael by Pope Leo XIII

Prayer to the Glorious Cross

I give you the gift of this prayer for my Glorious Cross, that you may pray from now on and be able to receive the fruits of my mercy.

"Oh glorious cross of Jesus Christ,
Cross of Golgotha,
Flood me with your rays of light,
Melt me, forge me, fill me and give me the graces that I need for the salvation of my soul.
Liberate me Glorious Cross if am sick of spirit
Heal my body of all disease
Take away my guilt, erase my sins and prepare me for the encounter with the glory of God
so that my passage through eternity be of eternal joy

"Holy and Glorious Cross of Jesus Christ: Liberate me
Holy and Glorious Cross of Jesus Christ: Heal me
Holy and Glorious Cross of Jesus Christ: Sanctify me so that I may in my passing through eternity be worthy to present myself before God's majesty"

Pray: Act of contrition, Creed, Our Father

Prayer to the Archangels and Angel Custodians

(Protection for the time of purification)

Oh, holy Archangels and Angel Custodians, essences of the Love and the Wisdom of God; you are my friends and faithful counselors; come to me, holy Archangels and Angels, be my company night and day and do not let me lose my way. Remain at my side and defend me from the enemy of my soul, so that my walk be sure and all my works, acts and thoughts be in accord with the will of God; and thus may you and I glorify the Holy Name of the Most High.

Come, then, to me, oh Holy Creatures and let us praise together the Glory of God.

Prayer for the Breaking of Maledictions

(Repeat 3 times)

I (Mary) give you the gift, little children, of this powerful prayer to break all the maledictions; pray it with faith, ask for my holy intercession and with the Blood of my Son, seal yourselves, your families and genealogical trees, and you will soon see how you will start to heal and be freed the these chains that have kept generations in bondage.

"I place myself in the presence of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and by the power of the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, I break, tear down, tread underfoot, annihilate, annul and cancel from my physical, psychic, biological and spiritual being, all malediction cast on me, on my family and genealogical tree, by any person whatsoever, whether that person be family or ancestor, by means of occultism or spiritualism."

"By the power of the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael, I break and annul all malediction on my bloodline, whatsoever its nature, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen."

Prayer to the Sword of Saint Michael

I (Michael) give as a gift this prayer to my sword so when you pray it you will be able to destroy all evil power; it is spiritual armor for the days of battle which are approaching.

"O glorious Saint Michael, vanquisher of infernal dragon, powerful leader of the heavenly armies. Deign to protect us with your glorious sword so that we also be able to defeat the malign and his forces of evil into this world. O glorious sword of Saint Michael, come in our aid; defend us and cover us with rays of the celestial power so that the light of your rays blind Satan and subject him under our feet. O beloved Saint Michael, may your glorious sword come spiritually to us by the grace of God so together with you and the heavenly hosts, we be able to say at one voice: Who like God? No one like God!"

"Glorious Sword of Saint Michael: from the snares of the malignant one, protect us. In the dark and darkness, enlighten us. From the temptations of devil, set us free; and in the spiritual struggles of every day, defend us. O glorious sword of Saint Michael be our protection at night and day so that we, the militant army, defeat in the face of earth Satan and his demons who seek our fall for steal our souls. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen"

Exorcism Prayers with the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

I (Mary) give you these two prayers that my Son has given me, so that I am able to teach you how to repel the mental attacks. These are exorcism prayers with the Precious Blood of my Son, learn it and memorize it for you can defend yourself when you are attacked by my adversary and his forces of evil.

"By the Glorious Blood of the Covenant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I command temptation spirits and false thoughts to let me free and at peace. !Out, out, out of my mind and of my thoughts; I command you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Who defeated you on the Cross!"

"Powerful Blood of Liberation, Healing and Redemption, shed by Our Lord Jesus Christ, fight the enemy of my soul in my body, mind and spirit; powerful Blood keep away from my Being all incendiary and poisoned dart of the malign. Oh Glorious Blood of my redeemer no let me fall into temptation and deliver me from all evil.Amen"

Prayer of Consecration of Families and Households to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Consecrate also your children, your family and your households to My Immaculate Heart, and I, your mother, will place on a protector shield of light rays around you which will blind my adversary and his evil forces. I give you this prayer of consecration to My Immaculate Heart so that you consecrate to Me your family and household.

"O Immaculate Heart of Mary, I consecrate myself to You, and I consecrate my family, my home and everything in it, to Your Immaculate Heart. We consecrate to You our physical, psychic, biological and spiritual being, and all that we are, have and do. Protect us, dear Mother with thy light’s rays that pour out from Your Immaculate Heart and hide us in Your womb. Do not allow, sweetest mother, any inhabitant of this home be lost; give us Your peace and strength in difficult times of our test. May our faith in God and trust in You, o sweetest mother, be the passport that brings us safely to the gates of new creation. Amen."

"Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin, most blessed Mary" (3 times)

Prayer of Protection for the Days of Earth’s Purification

Many nations, My little children, will begin to feel the effects of the transformation of creation. When the earth begins to move, lose not your head, nor panic, rather seek my shelter and protection, and repeat this prayer that I give you for the days when the earth begins to wobble.

"Immaculate Heart of Our Mother Mary, shelter and protect us, allow not for panic to take over our lives, give us peace and serenity in this time of tribulation. We abide to you dear Mother, confident that nothing will happen to us, because you sweet Mother, have us covered with thy holy mantle. Tire not of interceding for your children, so that these days of purification are bearable and all will be fulfilled according to the divine will. Jesus and Mary, save souls and carry them to the glory of heaven."

"Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God." (Pray three Creeds and 3 Magnificat)

Little children, keep calm in these days, pray and pray, it is the best you can do. Nothing will happen, if you remain close to our two hearts; the light of your lamps oiled with prayer, will shine in the darkness of those days. Fear not, divine justice will pass you by upon seeing the light from your lamps.

Prayer of Protection with the Mantle of Our Mother Mary

I gift you, little children, the prayer of my mantle, so you can cover yourself with it and be protected from all attacks of the enemy of your soul and his earthly agents of evil.

"O mantle of my mother Mary protects us and defends us day and night from the enemy of our soul! I cover myself with thy holy mantle, and I cover my family and the all people of God; makes us invisibles to the wicked spirits and their earthly agents of evil. O sacred mantle of my beloved Mother be the protective shield for the people of God! Dear Mother do not forsake us a single moment in our spiritual battle of every day, that the light rays of thy holy mantle guide us in the darkness and enlighten the path that leads us to eternal Glory."

Pray 3 Hail Mary, 3 Glory to be, and 3 Magnificat.

The Blood of My Son Is Powerful Spiritual Armor, Pray at Every Moment and My Adversary and Its Hosts of Evil Cannot Hurt You!

Whenever you are attacked in the mind with darts of hate, resentment, revenge, lust, adultery, envy and all other sins of the flesh, lose not your head; hasten immediately to make use of the divine antidote, summon the power of the Holy Spirit of God and request my maternal protection.

The blood of my Son is powerful spiritual armor, Pray at every moment and my adversary and his hosts of evil cannot harm you. The blood of my Son is your salvation, cover yourselves with it and when the incendiary darts of the evil one arrive to your mind, say this:

"The blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ has power and with it I will be victorious. The blood of Jesus Christ covers me, washes me, heals me and sets me free, inside and out. Flee from me, enemy powers, for the Blood of the Lamb of God is my defense and my salvation."

Learn by heart my little children, these prayers of the Blood of My Son, that you can repel the mental attacks from my adversary and his evil spirits who seek to torment you and make you fall to then rob your soul. You are forewarned, walk as children of the light that you may iluminate the forthcoming darkness.

St. Michael Archangel’s Prayer for Protection of People of God and Salvation of Needy Souls in This World

O mighty and invincible champion, St Michael Archangel, vanquisher of infernal dragon! Come, come, come and covers us with thy armor, enlightens us with thy light, hides us under thy wings, and protects us with thy glorious sword. That calling thy name: ‘who is like God’, we will be protected and covered with thy celestial person.

O blessed St Michael; we join to the great heavenly host, and we submit to thee, oh powerful champion, for thou to be our guide, our defender, our light and leads us, together to our Lady and Queen Mary, at the gates of the celestial Jerusalem.

Who is like God?! We join to thy glorious scream of battle, and we trust in thy holy protection, which will deliver us from the wiles and incendiary darts of evil one. We offer thee, our work and the struggles of each day, for salvation of souls, especially for those in most need of God’s mercy which wander in this world, so that thee, o blessed St Michael, protects them, delivers them, guides them and takes them safe to the glory of Heavenly Father. Amen

Who is like God? No one is like God!
Who is like God? No one is like God!
Who is like God? No one is like God!

(Pray it morning and night)

For Spiritual Combat Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of My Holy Rosary, Precious Blood Chaplet and Rosary of Holy Wounds of My Son!

The promulgation of my fifth dogma will be the beginning of your freedom. My fifth dogma is the defeat of my adversary; that is the reason, my little children, for my adversary has put so many obstacles and barriers in this my advocation of Lady of all Nations, because he knows with it will be defeated. I ask you, my little children that for now on to include in your intensions praying rosaries these great petitions:

1. For the promulgation of fifth Marian dogma (Mary Mediatrix, Co-Redentrix and advocate, Lady of all Nations)
2. Consecration of Russia
3. For the pope Francis and the church
4. For peace in the world
5. For the Triumph of My Immaculate Heard

Every time that you pray and enter in spiritual battle, I ask you to join spiritually to:

1. The Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit),
2.My Immaculate Heart and my most chaste spouse Joseph,
3. Your guardian angel and all custodians’ angels,
4. St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael and the Celestial Army,
5. The Triumphant, Purgative and Militant Army.

United in prayer, we will be the Great Army of God which will defeat the enemy and his host of evil. The hour of your freedom is approaching, do not fear; make your part, that is pray, and heaven will give you victory. Keep forward my Great Marian Army, not one step back!

Come Drink from the Fount of My Mercy and I Assure You Will Not Come Back to Thirst. Allow Me into Your Hearts and Give You Joy of Eternal Life!

My children, my prayer for mercy given to my servant sor Faustina has great power for the salvation of souls; all the time and at all times say:

"Eternal Father, I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and the sins of the whole world."

Each time you say this prayer you are opening the doors of my mercy and many souls in danger of damnation are saved by your prayer to my Father. Therefore my children, pray the chaplet of my divine mercy and I shall give my peace and my salvation to the whole world.

Spiritual Armor given by St. Michael

Militant army: I (St Michael) need soldiers strengthened in the faith and experienced in spiritual combat, to join My Father’s armies. They will be who in your world you call professional soldiers and encompass, along with the Angels and Archangels of the heavenly militia other battle front. Our Lady and Queen will guide us into victory and command with me the heavenly and earthly armies; and all united upon the battle cry: WHO LIKE GOD, NO ONE LIKE GOD, will defeat all evil forces from the face of the earth.

Hence, prepare yourselves militant armies, dress your complete spiritual armor given to our brother Enoch for the spiritual battle has begun.

Start: With the sign of the cross.

Seal with the Precious Blood of Our Lord – prayer.

















Brother’s, I am spiritually among you but after the warning and miracle you will see me, I come to prepare the earthly militia for the great spiritual combat. Be ready now so that when I call upon you, you may be part of the heavenly army.

Consecration to the Glorious Blood of Jesus

Consecration to Saint Michael

Exorcism of St. Michael by Pope Leo XIII

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Psalm 91 (DRV)

Psalm 91 (RSV)

Consecration to the Glorious Blood of Jesus

Prayer dictated by Our Lord Jesus Christ after this message, to protect our mind, powers, senses, thoughts, conscience, unconsciousness, sub consciousness, and memory of the incendiary darts of the wicked one.

Pray every morning and night.

"Lord Jesus I … (name and Last name) consecrate to you my mind, with all its powers, senses, thoughts, memory, conscience, unconsciousness, and sub consciousness, to Your Glorious Blood, shed for me, in my favor. I seal and protect myself with Your Redemptive Blood from every false thought, every negative suggestion, every false imagination, every fear, from every deception. Lord Jesus, may Your Redemptive Blood cleanse me, purify me, decontaminate and liberate me, and grant me the grace to have control over my own integrity, be it physical, psychological, biological, and spiritual."

"Powerful Blood of Salvation, fight the enemy in my body, mind, and soul" (Say this aspiration 3 times when you feel strong attacks of the enemy).

Spiritual Armor for the Times of Purification

Glorious and blessed Saint Michael, Prince of the Heavenly armies, to you my beloved Archangel, to you I entrust the care of my body, my soul and my spirit; I humbly consecrate myself and my family to you, as all my loved ones; be our safeguard and protector in all our ways and spiritual Battles. That by invoking the Holy name, “WHO LIKE GOD, WHO LIKE GOD, WHO LIKE GOD”, may I, my family, and my dear ones be protected from every evil, every danger, every incendiary dart of the wicked-one against our physical and spiritual integrity.

O, blesses Saint Michael, accept, this my consecration to Thy heavenly person, and extend it to my family and loved ones.

• I ask this in the Name of the Father, One and Triune – (Blessing)

• By the most holy intersetion of the Blessed and Ever Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and the Angels, Mother of Humanity – (Blessing)

• By the holy intersetion of Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael and other pghts which burn within you, before the throne of The Most High -– (Blessing)

• By the holy intersetion of the Archangels and Angels – (Blessing)

• By the holy intersetion of the prophets and martyrs – (Blessing)

• By the holy intersetion of the Virtues, Powers, Principapties, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubini, and Seraphim – (Blessing)

May all be for the glory of God, and salvation of our souls – AMEN.

(Do this every day)

Prayer of Protection to St. Michael

Blessed Saint Michael the Archangel, be my safeguard and protector in all my ways and spiritual battles; may Thy Holy protection be with me day and night. Safeguard my soul from its enemy and the agents of evil. Lead me in the right path. Deliver me from offending God. In my hour of death , take me by the hand and lead me to the glory of the Eternal Father.

L: Saint Michael the Archangel, with your light, R: Enlighten us.

L: With your wings, R: Protect us.

L: With your sword, R: Defend us.


Every Christian’s Armor for These Times

My children, My Word is a powerful armor for the demise of fortresses; I give it to you so your Armor is complete and therewith you can repell all attacks of my adversary. Remember that the strongest attacks will be in your mind, senses, powers, memory. It is in the mind where you will receive attacks most frequently. My adversary knows you, and of your weaknesses: if he has control over your mind, it will be easier to control your body. For this, I give you today My Word, which is the Sword of the Spirit, for you to implement and use it every time you receive mental attacks. And so, your Armor is complete, for you to wear every morning and night, and teach it to others; remember to extend it to your relatives. I remind you of it so that you may defend yourselves during these times of spiritual battle.

Ephesians 6, 10-18 wear it as a warrior on its way to the battlefront, Psalm 91, Reinforced with the Armor of My Mother’s Rosary, together spiritually with the Immaculate Heart, Compliance with my Precepts, being in God’s grace, if possible, daily Holy Communion. Spiritual Communion, for the times of the great trial, Faith, Hope, Charity and above all, much Love. Consecration to My Precious Blood, Prayer of Protection to Saint Michael, Leon XIII’s Exorcism, Prayer to your Guardian Angel, Chaplet to the Angels, Sword of the Spirit (Word of God).

When you are attacked, reply with My Sword of the Spirit, like this:

LACK OF PARDON: EZEKIEL 20, 43 MT 18, 21, 34




CRAFT: ISAIAH 47, 11 AL 15 57, 3.4




ARROGANCE: PROV. 16, 18.19

DEATH: PSALM 79, 10.12




POSSESSED: PSALMS 18-27-91 7, 15




MALEFICE: ISAIAH 44, 20 PSALM 115, 4.8

ADULTERY: PROV. 7, 6 AL 27 ECLE. 9, 4





CURSE CANCER: EXODUS 34, 7 – Break curse


FEAR: LUAN 4, 18 2 TIMOTHY 1.7








Hence, My militant army, learn to use the Sword of the Spirit and I reassure you that My adversary will not be able to harm you. My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. I am your Master, Jesus the Good Shepherd, Liberator if His people.

Consecration to the Precious Blood of Jesus

St. Michael Protection Prayer

Exorcism of St. Michael by Pope Leo XIII

Guardian Angel Prayer

Angelus Prayer

Psalm 91 (DRV)

Psalm 91 (RSV)