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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

My Children, Hard Times Await You, the World Is Enveloped in Evil, the Prince of This World Is Very Strong Because of Sin

Message from Our Lady to Angela in Zaro di Ischia, Italy


Message Of 08.08.2022 From Angela

This evening Mama showed up all dressed in white, even the mantle that enveloped Her was white, thin and even covered Her head. On Her head a crown of twelve shining stars. Mama had Her hands clasped in prayer, in Her hands a long holy rosary beads, white as of light that reached almost down to Her feet. Her feet were barefoot and rested on the world. The world was shrouded in a great gray cloud, and above the world was the snake, Mama held him still with Her right foot, but he wriggled and emitted like cries, shaking his tail hard. Mama pressed Her foot hard on his head and he was silent, first emitting a loud cry.

Praise be to Jesus Christ

Dear children, thank you for being here in My blessed forest, for welcoming me and responding to this call of Mine.

My children, this evening I pray with you and for you, wipe your tears, touch your hearts and urge you all to pray insistently.

My children, prayer is a powerful weapon against evil. Pray every day the holy rosary, pray children.

My children, hard times await you, the world is enveloped in evil, the prince of this world is very strong because of sin. Please children, listen to Me, do not make Me suffer.

As the Virgin Mary said, "Do not make Me suffer," Her eyes filled with tears, until the tears not only fell on Her dress, but until they wet the earth. Then She resumed speaking.

Beloved children, this is My blessed forest, here many signs will take place and many will be the miracles that My Son will give you. Please realize what I have been telling you all these years. This land is a blessed place, please listen to Me.

Then I had a vision, I saw the forest full of pilgrims, each of them had a torch in their hands, the flames were burning, but as the torches were extinguished, very few torches remained lit. Mama resumed speaking.

My children, where is your faith? Where is it children?

Afterwards Mama was silent and after a while She asked me to pray with Her. I prayed for the Church and for the Zaro forest project.

Then She started talking again.

My children, please be children of light, be light for those who live in darkness, be men and women of prayer. Bend your knees in prayer before My Son Jesus. He is alive and true in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Pray and be silent before Jesus. Listen carefully to the beats of His heart, He in the Tabernacle is alive and true and has a heart that beats for everyone.

Then Mama blessed everyone. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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