I have already won the victory over evil, sin and the death of the soul. Through My death and resurrection, I have secured eternal life for those who love God and follow Him

The Bleeding Holy Face of Jesus

of Cotonou in the State of Benin in West Africa

The Bleeding Holy Face of Jesus

Look at MY bleeding face!

What do I have to say to you?

Do I have anything to say to you any longer?

Do you truly listen to ME anymore?

Do you feel sorry for ME when you see ME bleeding like this? I do it for you.

Twice a picture of the Holy Face bled in Cotonou, Benin, on February 17 and March 15, 1995. In February 1995, an 18 x 24 cm framed picture of the Holy Face began to bleed in Cotonou, West Africa. The doctor, summoned in haste, could not take a sample when he arrived because the blood had already clotted. 13 witnesses attended the event, during which a voice spoke:

"I will come again, and the doctor will be able to complete his examination."

Glass tubes were placed ready to collect blood in case of a repetition of the blood flow on the image. On March 15, 1995, at about 5 p.m., the Holy Face again began to bleed profusely. Blood could be collected. In fact, so much blood flowed from the image that the features of the Holy Face were barely visible. When a glass tube was quarter full, a voice said:

"It is enough. I will fill it up myself."

The doctor who had seen the tube quarter-full noted about 45 min later a tube completely filled without human intervention. The doctor, who had no explanation for these events, was amazed. 12 witnesses witnessed the events. The blood was then analyzed with the result: it was human blood of blood group AB, Rh. positive.

The Eternal Father speaks:

My children! In the terrible days that will come upon humanity, the Holy Face of My Divine Son will be truly helpful ("a true tear cloth to dry"), for My true children will be hidden behind it. It will be the Holy Face that will be a true offering so that the punishments that I will bring upon humanity will be lessened. In the homes where it is located, there will be light to free oneself from the power of darkness.

In the homes where the Holy Face of my Son is, I will instruct my angels to mark them. - And My children will be saved from what evils will befall this ungrateful humanity. My children, become all true apostles of the Holy Face and spread it everywhere! The more it is spread, the less will be the catastrophe.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus speaks:

Always offer my Most Holy Face to the Heavenly Father, and He will have mercy on you. I ask you all to honor my Divine Face and to give Him a place of honor in your homes, so that the Heavenly Father may shower you with graces and forgive your sins. Little children, make sure that you pray at least a short prayer to the Holy Face of Jesus every day in your homes. Never forget to greet it when you get up - and to ask it for its blessing when you go to rest! In this way you will happily reach the heavenly fatherland.

I assure that all those who have a special love for the Holy Face will always be warned of dangers and disasters. I solemnly promise that all those who spread devotion to my Most Holy Face will be saved from the punishments that come upon humanity. Moreover, they will receive light for the days of terrible confusion approaching the Holy Church. Should they suffer death at the judgment, they will die as martyrs and attain sanctity. Truly, truly, I assure you that those who spread devotion to My Face will attain grace, that no family member will be condemned, and that those who are in purgatory will soon be released from it.

But all must come to Me through the mediation of My most holy Mother.

All the devotees of the Divine Face will receive a great light to understand the mysteries of the last times. In the heavenly fatherland they will be very close to the Savior. All these graces they receive as worshippers of the Holy Face. Do not lose these graces, because it is very easy to lose them.

Rosary to the Most Holy Face

It is to be prayed like the ordinary (german) rosary, but with the following insertions:

(1) Jesus, Whose most holy face is crowned with bloody sweat of fear.

(2) Jesus, Whose most holy face was cruelly beaten.

(3) Jesus, Whose most holy face was deeply wounded by thorns.

(4) Jesus, Whose most holy face was bowed dying on the cross.

(5) Jesus, Whose most holy face was glorified by the resurrection.

Short Rosary to the Most Holy Face

(instead of Apostle's Creed)

Holy GOD, holy strong GOD, holy immortal GOD, have mercy on us and on the whole world! Lord, show us Your holy face and we will be saved!

(at the big beads - instead of Our Father)

Heavenly Father, we offer You the infinite merits and sorrows of the most holy Face of Jesus, His precious Blood, His wounds and tears for Your greater glory and for the salvation of our souls.

(at the small beads - instead of Hail Mary, 10 times each)

(1) Most Holy Face, covered with wounds have mercy on us, we cry to You!

(2) Most holy face, covered with blood, have mercy on us, we cry to You!

(3) Most holy face, shedding bitter tears in infinite love, have mercy on us, we cry to You!

(4) Most holy face, covered with scorn and shame, have mercy on us, we cry to You!

(5) Most holy face, silently enduring the most terrible pain - have mercy on us, we cry to You!

Final prayer

O most holy face of Jesus, disfigured by wounds and blood, revelation of divine love and mercy! We adore You through the sorrowful Immaculate Heart of Mary and wish to make reparation to You in the name of and for all souls for all insults inflicted upon You. Grant that we may take upon ourselves the trials and sufferings of our lives in patient love, in order to offer them united with Your infinite sacrifice to the Heavenly Father in satisfaction for the salvation of souls.

Let us, O Lord, who today venerate Your sorrowful face, one day behold Your transfigured face in heaven and eternally praise You with Mary, Your Mother, all the angels and saints. Amen.

Pray these rosaries with total devotion and if tears of compassion flow from your eyes while contemplating these images, offer them to HIM. He will transform them into precious diamonds.

Our Lady begs for help that this Most Holy Face be venerated in all homes through contemplation and prayer. In this way, she can still avert much of the severe judgment.

Sources: www.familie-wimmer.com & adorare.ch

Queen of the Rosary

My child. Sit down with Me. I desire that My Rosary be prayed more. By this, Satan will be put in his place and cannot harm you.

Whoever prays My rosary will not fall prey to Satan. I will protect him, and no dark power will be able to take possession of him.

Spread My Rosary over the whole world, for it is the strongest weapon given to you.

My child. Make this wish known. Amen.

The Most Holy Rosary

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