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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Be Witnesses of Faith and Love in This World, Which Is Now Dull and Far from Faith...

Message from Saint Bernadette in Oliveto Citra, Salerno, Italy


Kneel down everyone, join hands in prayer, the Beautiful Lady is before you, close your eyes, let us pray together three Hail Marys, recite them with faith and you will feel Her presence that wants to console your hearts.

The Beautiful Lady has touched your hearts, have faith, because with prayer impossible things are achieved.

My little brothers and sisters, I am Bernadette the last person who would have deserved to experience Heaven on earth, the Beautiful Lady has granted me this grace, as she has also granted it to you who pray and have known the grace of God . Be witnesses of faith and love in this world, which is now dull and far from faith, we have to console the heart of the Beautiful Lady who is very sad, so many souls are being lost, you who have known the truth, you are responsible for so many souls, have prayer as your goal at all times. I after seeing Aquerò (Our Lady) could not think about anything anymore, in My mind I was praying all the time, so I felt less lonely, you also do this and teach those you love to do this, so we will comfort the heart of Beautiful Lady .

In this world sin prevails, the powerful are all corrupt, their mission is to make the world more and more perverse, this was revealed to Me by the Beautiful Lady in one of the last apparitions , but I little understood, but then everything was clear, the power that God the Father Almighty has given to all who pray is the rosary beads, always pray, because you show that you love your neighbor.

Many nations will be humbled directly from Heaven, natural, catastrophic events are about to hit France, My France, very harsh and now not very Christian, will have to lower themselves and recognize the Beautiful Lady as their Protectress, and that is why they will change the flag, recognizing My Lourdes, all this will happen very soon.

Now the Beautiful Lady calls to Me, place your left hand on your heart, the Beautiful Lady blesses us all, in the name of the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit , that's how you make the sign of the cross.

I love you.

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